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Student Videos and Testimonials

Sophia DiLeo, soprano, performs Lying There from Edges by Pasek and Paul.

Arreon Harley, countertenor, and Wendy McNally, piano perform Si, tra i ceppi  by George Frideric Handel.

Tara O'Connor and Lori Geckle perform Blauer Sommer by Richard Strauss.

Emily Fareed, soprano, performs her original work, My Favorite Color Is Still Green.

"She is incredibly knowledgeable, has true passion for what she does, and is a pleasure to study with."

"She can adjust her teaching style to accommodate everyone and can address issues immediately."

"I love her!  She is such a good communicator.  She is a supportive and positive force in my aspirations."

"I have grown vocally and personally thanks to her constant support, intelligence, and diligence to her job."

"...she treats singing as an artistic medium AND a scientific medium - I love the balance because it keeps me firmly grounded in physical application of my technique while allowing me to explore new artistic interpretations of my work."

*These quotes were taken from anonymous student evaluations.

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